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A.V. Immigration & Career Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (Apex Visas) – India’s Fastest Visa Provider, is a Pune based company that has endeavoured since its inception in 2010 to bring a one stop solution to your visa related queries. Our services speak for us and we would invite you to associate with us and we assure to relieve you of all your worries related Visa processing. Talk to us to realise our flawless understanding of the immigration process.

We provide a range of other services which include - Overseas Education assistance, Visitor Visa, Business Visa, FOREX, Ticketing, Tour Packages etc.

We are the best in the business of immigration and what makes us the best are the thousands of our happy customers who have realised their dreams of relocating, of pursuing a higher degree etc. because of our assistance. We are well known in the immigration circle for our specialized services & are praised by our clients for enriching their experience in Visa facilitation.

A global presence with a strategic network of own and associate offices in 16 locations across the world helps us cater to your visa, ticketing and other needs with ease. We are planning to extend our services to over 50 offices by the year end to ensure quality services to our clients worldwide.

The core team of Apex Visas is spearheaded by people with more than twenty years of domain expertise. They have precision knowledge in the fields of Immigration, Visa processing and other related services. To ensure prompt and hassle free services we have a team of handpicked executives who go through rigorous & in-depth training on country specific immigration and visa processing norms & rules to arm them with the requisite knowledge. Our executives have thorough knowledge & hands-on experience in dealing with immigration procedures followed by Embassies & High Commissions.

We have an unblemished track record of providing support services for Permanent Residency for Skilled Category and Business class, Business/ Visit Visas to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Middle East and Europe.

Once you register you are assigned a case-officer who will guide you through the entire application process and assist you at every stage. They work in tandem with you to complete the process on time ensuring successful results. 

Just walk into any of our offices around the globe and you can talk to our specialist to learn more about the country of your interest. With our tailor made solutions, you will have a flexibility to choose the right package that is both appropriate and affordable.

As we say, we are a one stop solution to your visa related queries.    

We do it ‘Right’


What sets us apart from our peers is our four pronged winning approach;

  • Knowledge: We keep track of the regularly evolving migration laws and regulations and constantly updating our knowledge base. Our executives go through periodic training programmes to improve their skills and are assessed from time to time.
  • Experience: Our team of experienced case officers help in processing your visa application in accordance to the country’s latest regulations & provide tailor made visa solutions.
  • Transparency: We publish our fees up front & guarantee that there are no hidden or last minute costs added to your application. We also offer a range of service packages and help you select the optimum solution.
  • Result: We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver positive results. Your dreams are also ours. We'll always give our best to get you the visa you want with no hassles involved.

You Get the ‘Best.’

We are known for our speed, trust and expertise and are committed to do our best for your successful migration. Our experienced professional team provides:

Best in Class Service: Ask as many questions as you want, we will try and answer all your queries. We aim at helping you choose the best option for you and for us nothing less would do.

Best in Class Value: Flexible payment options and fixed fees make our services affordable and predictable.

Best in Class Communication: A dedicated case officer will be assigned to specifically handle your file; you can get all updates through them and they are going to guide you all the way to the end.    


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 Get Visa-Plant a Tree:-

In last few hundred years the human development was rapid, we developed and adopted new ways of living, we built sky scrapers, we manufactured vehicles and electronics appliances and so on. All these ways of adaptations and changes contributed in making our life style better in many terms. 

But when we were adopting and making changes in our life style we just ignored the price which we were paying. In this partial development we were unable to see that we were highly contributing towards destruction too, as we never thought of giving back responsibly what we have taken from our mother nature. This irresponsible attitude of just consuming the resources without ever trying to replenish them, contributed to destruction and this destruction has certainly surpassed all other benefits of our partial development. 

What we can see around us now is the after effect of all our irresponsible acts and attitude, whether it's increased number of flood, drought or any other calamity happening around the world. All these are the results of our irresponsible contribution towards destruction. 

But now it's too late to just regret over what we have done. It's high time for us to take step to turn ourselves from irresponsible individuals to responsible human beings. Though certainly we can't replenish all or can't be a great producer of what we have consumed till now, but what we can surely do is, to conserve what we are still left with, and try to replenish whatever we can. All it need is strong persistence and just a little contribution by all. 

So if you want to save our mother nature from further destruction please do contribute because your little contribution is the only thing that is needed for the big cause of conservation. .


Gates and Buffett call for US immigration reform

22 July 2014

Two of the most famous businessmen in the world, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, have called on the US Congress to pass an immigration reform bill.The two men were joined by a third US businessman, Sheldon Adelson, as signatories of an opinion piece in the New York Times in which they called on all parties, but particularly Republican members of the House of Representatives, to 'break the immigration impasse'.

EU population growth driven by immigration

22 July 2014

Eurostat, the European Union statistics agency, reports that the population of the Union grew by 1.7m over the year to January 1st 2014. The population of the union rose to 507.4m, up from 505.7m a year earlier.Eurostat reports that the population of the 28 countries that make up the current European Union has risen by 100m since 1960.

UK passport and visa service 'in crisis'

21 July 2014

The UK's passport service is in 'total crisis' according to an anonymous whistle blower who works for the service.There have been concerns about the service since June this year when the BBC carried reports of delays in processing of applications causing some people to miss travel dates.

UK immigration: Russian applicants face 'lengthy delays'

18 July 2014

The Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI) has reported that some applicants for UK visas in Russia have had to endure extremely long processing times for visas since Tele performance Ltd, a new private sector partner, took over visa processing in March.

The RUTI says that some applicants are having to wait as long as 12 weeks for their visas to be processed. As the UK does not allow applicants to apply for visas until 12 weeks before the intended date of travel, this means that some applicants are unable to travel to the UK as planned as they have not received the visa in time for their trip.



Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to Briefly Pause Intake of Certain Applications

Starting August 1, 2014, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MB PNP) will be transitioning to a new application management strategy. According to the program’s website, this strategy will reduce processing times to less than six months.

Canadian Immigration Minister Details Express Entry System

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander met with business leaders and stakeholders in Toronto yesterday about the January 2015 launch of the Express Entry electronic application management system. The system will serve as a faster and more economic way for skilled immigrants to come to Canada.

More than 1 Million Canadians have Roots in India

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander recently returned from a two-day trip to India. While there, he discussed a range of immigration initiatives that will benefit Indians coming to Canada for a variety of purposes.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Announces CAN+ Program in India

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced the launch of the CAN+ program in India yesterday during a visit to New Delhi. The program aims to increase processing efficiency for visitors coming to Canada from India.

Some Pending Low-Wage LMIA Applications to be Returned

As of June 20th 2014, the Government of Canada will no longer process any applications submitted on or before that date for low-wage positions to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.